Angels & Demons Drive Experience

Team building

Save Rome and the Vatican!

Hunt down the Illuminati on this team building tour through Rome. Transportation by golf cart. One member of each team drives the cart, while the others read the clues, for a fun, safe experience.

Teams won’t just see Rome’s highlights; they’ll truly explore the Eternal City. During this team building mission, participants search for evidence that could save Rome and the Vatican from the evils of the Illuminati, a secret society. Why just sightsee when you can also be the city’s saviors?

Getting around by golf cart, team members are armed with a tour book and the other tools necessary to complete their mission. After four hours, each team will present their clues to a mysterious man who will judge them. The winners will be announced at a luncheon or dinner event to follow.

Participants in these Roman events do not need to have read the book or have seen the movie. The challenge of unraveling the mystery of Angels & Demons has irresistible, universal appeal. Companies and groups of friends alike will enjoy this unique tour.

What’s included?

  • Transportation by golf cart
  • Tour booklet and other tools
  • Supervision and staff
  • Award presentation

What happens in the movie Angels & Demons again (see trailer)?