Case Study

Regarding the experience of a company that wanted to organize a team building activity.

Customer experience (Case study)

Education Institute, The Hague (Netherlands)

Management and staff strategy

To team build and see some of the city at the same time.

“Our organization had convened a two-day seminar in Rome,” said Ninske Repko, who organized the visit in August 2018. Repko came to the team building activities of Love Rome by word of mouth. “I had emailed them with the following assignment: ‘Our group consists of about 25 people, most of whom are professors and high-level academics. Not everyone has been to Rome and we would really like to experience the center of Rome through a game and your electric golf carts, allowing us to team build and see some of the city at the same time’.” The activity was to take half a day and would be considered a break amid a substantial program. “Immediately I received three proposals,” Repko said delightedly. After consulting with other people within the organization, she chose the Bernini Mystery Experience.

In the months prior to the event, Repko was in regular contact with the Love Rome organizer. For example, she asked for input for a suitable conference room in the center. She found one on the outskirts of Villa Borghese, the central park of Rome. “Love Rome was so attentive to let us end the Experience over there, at no extra cost. To us, the advantage was that we could immediately continue with our meetings, and thus not lose valuable time. During a meeting break, Love Rome gave a light-hearted presentation of the day and the winners were put in the spotlight.

As a result, the customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome of our team building activities in Rome. “The Bernini Mystery Experience – what a great way to experience Rome! In four competing groups we drove through the beautiful city in golf carts, trying to solve puzzles and beat the others. It was a competitive, hilarious and challenging tour where you can see beautiful highlights of Rome within a few hours. Fun is guaranteed.”

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